Matthew Kutilek

Conservative Christian, Husband, Father, Citadel c/o 2001, Combat Wounded US Marine LtCol., Special Operations Officer – Marine Raider (Ret.), Endurance Athlete, Manufacturing Project Manager, Former Member of Pickens County Planning Commission, Proven Leader, Patriot for South Carolina and the USA

Where I Stand On Current Issues Facing Our Country

I believe that God created ALL men and women in his image with the intent of joining them together in harmony to create godly and productive offspring.  As a result, I am 100% pro-family, 100% pro-life 100% pro-Human Race, and 100% pro-Male and Female.

I have and will continue to support and defend the foundational documents of the United States of America including the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The immeasurable God ordained wisdom found in these documents provided the foundation for equality, opportunity and prosperity for all Americans and countess others for 235+ years.

As a Christian Conservative I support limited government, reduced regulations – especially those impacting local small businesses, less taxes, less involvement in foreign affairs, term limits at every level of local, state and national government, energy independence, unrestrained free-market capitalism and defense of our sovereign borders and homeland.

I am a firm believer in the Second Amendment, and as an NRA firearms instructor advocate for all firearm owners to understand and train on the proper storage, carrying and employment of firearms.

As a free-market capitalist I believe in equal opportunity for all people, but not equal outcome. Nothing replaces passion, commitment, hard work, determination and hustle.  In particular, I specifically advocate for and support small private businesses who strive their best to earn a living, employ others and make a difference in the community.

As the husband of a teacher, and father of four girls, I understand the importance of a solid well-rounded education.  I reject the teaching of any Marxist and divisive ideology found in Wokeism, Critical Race Theory and Gender confusion initiatives.  In addition, as Project Manager in Manufacturing I advocate for more trade specific schools, hands-on apprenticeships, and classes to help educate, train and empower future craftsman and tradesmen.

Where I Stand On Issues Facing our State of South Carolina

Highway 11 Corridor – Preserving, Protecting and Enhancing the Cherokee Foothills Scenic by-way (commonly referred to as Highway 11), and the surrounding foot-hills, mountains, forest, parks and corridors falls directly in-line with four of my five priorities if I am elected to serve district 4 in the SC State House.

Roads and Infrastructure … Due too little to no strategic planning and inactive leadership, our primary corridors into and out of the 4th District are unsafe, in a state of disrepair, and unable to accommodate current and future traffic.  By in large the district is 20 years behind in transportation planning and action. Strategic planning, proactive leadership and decisive action is required to fix our roads in a fiscally responsible manner.  Based off of extensive review, first-and second-hand input and common sense, my road / corridor priorities are Highway 183, Highway 135, Highway 11, Highway 178 (Federal Highway), and the countless major connectors to these roads.

Local Schools… As the husband of a middle-school teacher in the district and the father of four girls who attend school here, I am in-tune and involved with the Pickens County School District and what is being taught our kids.  The purpose of schools is not indoctrination of the latest woke and destructive ideology, but teaching foundational knowledge (Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Science) and countless intangible skills (time management, self-discipline, focus, goals etc.) required to excel in the outside world upon graduation.  I support more charter schools such as the Clemson owned Youth Leadership Academy (YLA), more school choice, more Trades/Skills specific classes, schools and internships, Manufacturing internships at any of the numerous plants in the area and eye-opening opportunities presented at the Career Center in Liberty.

Nature… we are blessed to live in one of the most rural and beautiful districts in all of South Carolina.  Unfortunately, there are those who live here or pass thru our district, who are not good stewards of our land, water systems, forest and parks that God has entrusted us with.  I support enforcing all existing litter and pollution laws, ordinances and regulations to help stop pollution, contamination and illegal refuse disposable.  As a district we should set the example for the rest of South Carolina on what natural beauty looks like and how to properly take care and enhance all that we have been entrusted with. Dilapidated abandoned buildings and structures should be properly removed and disposed of.  Trash should be cleaned up. Make our district beautiful again! Of course all of this requires leadership.

Local Economy…. I consider all businesses as essential and will do everything possible to support and develop the local economy.  Primary focus of economic growth should center around supporting existing local small businesses, and promoting sustainable and measured job growth along major corridors such as Highway 123 where the Pickens County Commerce Park is located and the intersection of Highway 135 and Highway 183 (currently not feasible due to inadequate and unsafe roads).  The more jobs we create in the district, the more our local economy will grow resulting in a greater average income for each family resulting in a opportunity for a better quality of life.  I do not support any influx of large corporations or large businesses anywhere near the Highway 11 corridor.