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May 31, 2022
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Ukraine 2022…$105.5 Billion+ and Counting

On November 15th, 2022, President Joe Biden, requested yet another $37.7 Billion dollars in military-aid support the war in Ukraine.  Once approved, (because a yes vote is inevitable for all Jingoists in Congress including our feckless Warhawk Senator Lindsay Graham), the running tally of US support will reach a whopping $105.5 Billion dollars – Billion with a B – or written in long form: $105,500,000,000, with no end in sight.

To put this into more comprehensible figures, as of December 5th, 2022 the current war in Ukraine has lasted 284 days, at a cost to the hard-working American taxpayer of $372.5 Million dollars a day.  (Amazingly this is an even higher burn rate than in Afghanistan which cost taxpayers $300 Million each and every day for 20 years, but I digress). Look around at our local, state and national economy, and let that absurd figure sink in for a minute.  $372.5 Million Dollars a day – every single day – to support a war in far eastern Europe in a historically disputed area, with no end in sight.

How long are we the common proletariat asked to play the fool?  How long must we put the ubiquitous Ukrainian flag in our social media profile, on our lapels, city squares and t-shirts without fear of chastisement?  At what point can we stop the fake moral posturing and actually conduct critical thinking, ask elected officials simple questions and hold them accountable?

What are the clear foreign policy objectives of the United States in the region?  What are the measures of effectiveness?  What is the strategy to achieve these objectives?  How great is the threat of this turning into a nuclear war? Ultimately how much will it cost the American taxpayer to achieve the desired results?  What is the military strategy?  Are there any second and third order impacts of providing such vast quantities of money, military aide and armament to a foreign country?

Where exactly is the $105.5 Billion dollars going, and who is auditing and reporting? Are we to blindly believe that all of the money has reached its intended destination and provided direct support to assist the people of Ukraine?  Is it even possible to spend actual money of that magnitude that fast? Or, just maybe, has some if not a lot of this money reached the pockets of Ukrainian Oligarchs and their cronies? How many layers have been siphoned off before reaching the intended destination? How many adversarial countries continue to grow rich through our misguided foreign policy and absurd military strategy?

A simple google search shows that the USA has provided tens of thousands of various types of rockets, missiles, military vehicles, drones, tanks, planes, helicopters (most incredibly technologically complex) and on and on and on.  Does the Ukrainian military and its proxies have the training to use this modern weaponry and logistics infrastructure in place to properly maintain and distribute it?  Incredibly, as casually noted by a recent article by the PBS, the US has provided no less then 84-million rounds of small-arms ammunition to assist the war effort.  84-million rounds! Unreal. Have they used it? Are we allowed to ask?

Does the United States have a respectable track record of outfitting foreign militaries and fighters with massive quantities of ammunition, weapons and military equipment?  Or are we to pretend we didn’t fully fund and outfit the mujahadeen (Operation Cyclone) who then turned into the Taliban and then into Al-Qaeda and back to the Taliban?  What about the countless hundreds of Billions in weapons, ammo and military craft we invested in Afghanistan to fully outfit a shadow Afghan military that didn’t even exist on paper, not to mention real life?  Was that a success story? Just wait until Iraq (after 20 years of dutiful US intervention) fully blows up and Americans find out how much military equipment and ammunition we provided for the inevitable Sunni – Shia war.

Imagine if you will for one second that we actually unfurled the American flag, hung it from our windows, changed out our lapel pins and put the lives, families and businesses of hard-working America first.  Imagine taking the $105 Billion dollars and handing out $2 Billion per state and letting them choose how to spend it. Imagine the number of Charter Schools and quality teachers that could be funded in this state to facilitate actual school choice?  How many law enforcement school resource officers could we hire at an actual respectable wage?  How many miles of federal, state and local roadways could be upgraded, widened, repaired and repaved?  Or best of all, how about removing $105.5 Billion in Federal taxes and empower the people to spend and invest their own money.

This is all quite insane. And we all know it, but are not allowed to say or think it.  Our globalist foreign policy track record is a total disaster. Our military leaders at the highest levels are disingenuous at best, and the strategy (or lack thereof) and military adventurism they advocate for is appalling. We are sprinting to a global recession. Moral depravity is at an all-time high. Crime, fear-mongering and victimization are spreading rapidly. And actual Leadership, during these trying times, is non-existent.

It Is high time to hold our elected officials accountable.  Demand clear US objectives and end-state for the war in Ukraine. Demand a stop to the unimpeded flow of tax payer money.  Put out a clarion call for accountability.  Demand an immediate cease fire and negotiations that end the madness and prevents the further loss of life. And above all else, put America first!