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May 11, 2022
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May 31, 2022

Immediate Action Required to Protect our Children and Teachers at our Schools

There is no government or political solution for a wicked society who has abandoned God, religion and any semblance of morality. When there is no moral foundation, no absolute truth, no purpose in life, then everyone does what is right in their own eyes; good becomes evil, evil becomes good, and rebellion, anarchy, chaos, violence and destruction reign.

As Will and Aerial Durant so aptly state, “For since the natural inequality of men dooms many of us to poverty or defeat, some supernatural hope may be the sole alternative to despair. Destroy that hope, and class war is intensified. Heaven and utopia are buckets in a well: when one goes down the other goes up; when religion declines Communism grows… There is no significant example in history, before our time, of a society successfully maintaining moral life without the aid of religion” (Lessons of History Chp. VII)

Leaders throughout this country must take immediate – no bureaucratic or self-righteous delay – steps to mitigate future mass murders on our school campuses. For contextual purposes, I am a retired US Marine Infantry Officer and Marine Raider, with five combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, an NRA firearms instructor, husband of a school teacher and father of four girls in the school system; and therefore have an informed opinion on the issue. The below recommendations must be implemented, led and controlled at the lowest decentralized level of society.

  1. With state and local funding provide volunteer/willing teachers and administrators with quarterly firearms training, qualifications and subsequent permits to carry firearms – either open or concealed – on school campuses. Training, qualification and certification will be administered by local law enforcement, certified firearms instructors, and active or reserve military. To defeat the threat, you have to meet the threat at the point of impact and eliminate it as soon as possible. Armed teachers and administrators are the closest to the indented target of the murders, know the area well and can respond quickly and efficiency – if sufficiently armed and trained. At a minimum, at least 20% of all faculty and staff at each school should be trained, certified, armed and ready to eliminate any threat that comes onto campus.
  2. Create localized – but decentralized – school protection vigilante groups who volunteer their time and talents to serve in and about the school of their choice. Volunteers will be vetted, adequately trained and on a rotating and on-call schedule to serve. More than likely a majority of these volunteers would be current or retired law enforcement, military, religious leaders and hunters. This is an overt show of force – ie. Individuals and groups campus and high visibility area walk-abouts etc., to prevent or mitigate any threat coming on campus with the intent of harming someone. Some, but not all, would be armed and ready to defeat the threat as required.
  3. Proportional increase of School Resource Officers (Uniformed Law Enforcement) in every school. Quit funding Marxist indoctrination programs, quit paying for social media influencers to brainwash our kids, quit paying for immoral and destructive curriculum, and shift all funding to hiring more SROs! I am extremely grateful for the thankless job SRO’s perform, but one SRO on a campus of 1,000 or even 500 students is not adequate!
  4. Conduct an assessment of the security measures afforded to politicians and celebrities and where they work and implement these same controls at our children’s schools. If it is a security necessity for a 65-year-old career politician working in Congress, or a 25 year old millionaire social media influencer behind her desk, then it’s a necessity for our innocent children in their school.
  5. Treat the school system like the free market. Provide parents a full school voucher ($18,000 a year or whatever the state pays per student), privatize education and offer real school choice to parents and students. I can assure you that private schools do, and would, provide a much greater degree of protection than public schools since it is in their best interest to maintain a safe and secure campus or they would loose students and soon go out of business.

Post Script: Maybe we should reallocate some of that $40 BILLION+ dollars in Federal funding to Ukraine – BACK to our actual homeland here in the United Stats of America and give it to the 50 States so they can fund and pay for adequate security measures and actions mentioned above.