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April 19, 2022
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May 26, 2022

Candidates for SC House of Representatives – May 2022

Candidates for SC House of Representatives – May 2022

(Please answer each question in 200 words or less)

*For further understanding and analysis on who I am and where I stand on key issues, please visit voteMatthewKutiek.com or my Matthew Kutilek for SC State House 4 facebook page.


  1. What is the most important issue you feel South Carolina is facing now and how will you address it? A planned and aggressive fat-left Marxist assault on our nation, state and district with the intent of completely destroying the entire way of life in our Country.  Our families, liberties, freedoms, history and rights are all in extreme jeopardy.  To defeat Marxism, or any destructive ideology, the people must have strong and courageous elected officials who know who they are, who they represent, are willing to stand firm in core-convictions and take the conservative America first fight on the offensive.  We as Conservatives – especially Christian Conservatives – stand on a foundation of truth which should empower us with boldness to stand-up for our values, morals, rights and liberties.


  1. What is the purpose of government? In this Constitutional Republic there is a very limited, yet important role of the federal government.  The primary role is to serve, protect and represent the citizens of this country, especially during dangerous and volatile times. In addition, the federal government should do everything possible to facilitate the actualization of the inannihilable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all citizens.   More often than not this means reducing the size of government, reducing regulations, reducing taxes, removing arbitrary laws, enforcing existing laws, and unleashing an atmosphere where individual liberties can thrive.  


  1. What particular experiences and skills have prepared you to represent “We The People” of your district? I’m a 2001 graduate of The Citadel and served in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Officer and Special Operations Officer for 20 years.  I have planned, negotiated and led in countless fast-paced, dynamic and dangerous environments here in the United States and across the world.  In addition, I have served in the local church, and in numerous non-profit organizations throughout my entire life.  Currently I am a project manager in a complex area of manufacturing where I lead diverse teams to conceptualize, design, build, test and install robotics and automated machines for outside companies.  Managing several million dollars in projects provides me with valuable experiences that allow me to use and improve my decision-making process, decisiveness, problem solving skills and negotiating abilities. The study of history coupled with my national and global experiences, both in the military and business sector have provided me with a deep-seated appreciation and awareness of our great country, our foundational documents, our history and the potential of all people to thrive and succeed.  Lastly as a husband of a school teacher, and father of four girls and someone who works in manufacturing and attends church in the local area I have a massive vested interest in our future.


  1. Judeo-Christian values established a framework of morality which is necessary for our system of limited government. Briefly describe your spiritual beliefs and values. I am a born-again Christian who believes that God sent his one and only Son to this earth who lived a sinless life, died on the cross for the sins of the whole world and rose from the grave.  I have strived to live a godly and righteous life and lead my family in accordance with the Bible.  The Bible was and is the foundation of our founding documents and without it a constitutional republic where people enjoy unprecedented liberties cannot exist.  We live in a free country where there is no state religion and people are free to choose whom they believe in – if anyone. However, as for me, my number one priority and identity in life is my Christian life and to do all I can to serve the Lord with all of my heart, soul and mind in all that I do.


  1. Who should decide where a child goes to school, parents or government officials? Would you reject any effort(s) to restrict parental choice in education?  My wife is a school teacher, my four girls attend various schools in Pickens County, I have completed two Masters Degrees and taught at the colligate level for three years.  I support school vouchers, school choice, trade schools, charter schools, and apprenticeship programs.  The primary purpose of education is to provide students with the core skills, knowledge and experiences that are required to prosper in the workforce and in life. These requirements are unique and different for every child.  Due to the assault and subsequent destruction of the family, the federal government has by in large taken over the responsibilities of raising children. Their solution is more money, more Marxist indoctrination and less quality learning.  School vouchers earmarked specifically for education would provide students and parents with a choice as to what path would best suit their individual aims, goals and desires. If a Marxist school started teaching far-left destructive and immoral ideology the parents should have the choice to move their child to an alternative school. Remove the federal and state government from education as much as possible, privatize it, provide parents with a voucher equivalent of what the state is already using to pay for education,  and give parents and students a choice.  Expose children to career opportunities, teach and show them the value of hard work, of knowledge and skill development, and how to be fiscally conservative.


  1. How do you plan to be accountable to your constituents? My top priority is to Serve and Represent We the People of the SC State House 4th In order to accomplish this, I must know, understand and relate to the 40,000 constituents in the district. Human face to face interaction and relationships are essential. My web-site, youtube channel and campaign social media pages clearly show my transparency, where I stand on critical national and local issues and what my priorities are.  If elected I will maintain consistent written, vocal and visual media, and in-person communication with all people and make myself available – especially during times of need, crisis and uncertainty.


  1. Currently in SC we have the CWP for citizens. What is your position regarding constitutional carry? The Second Amendment is in the Bill of Rights isn’t it? I support the Second Amendment and advocate for constitutional carry. I also advocate and encourage responsible gun ownership including proper storage, carry and training on whatever weapon a free citizen wishes to carry.


  1. What do you consider as government overreach? Where do you start? Preventing prayer in schools, separating God from Government, mask mandates, declaring what businesses are essential or non-essential, vaccine mandates, medical identification cards, what classifies as hate speech and what does not, the federal income tax, unprecedented censorship of free-speech…


  1. What is your position on South Carolina accepting illegal immigrants? I do not support the relocation of illegal immigrants into the State of South Carolina.  I whole-heartedly support the legal path to citizenship available to qualified immigrants from around the world.


  1. State your position on transgenders participating in sports and using facilities opposite their biological sex? This is not about males participating in female sports.  It is an all-out assault on men, women and families.  Genesis 1:27 – “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them, be fruitful and increase in number…”   Destroy the family, destroy the beauty of reproduction, destroy gender identify, destroy the minds of little boys and girls and you have destroyed a nation.  No nation on earth has ever survived for very long without the core nuclear family at the center of life. Ever. Advocating for more than two genders is against observational science, biological science, historical precedent and common-sense human anatomy and physiology.


  1. Explain what you will do as an elected representative to ensure election integrity in the state of South Carolina. In this representative form of government, the ability to vote in a fair election is essential to peace, tranquility and confidence. I support a complete overhaul of our current voting practices.  Voter registration for all legal citizens should be overhauled to ensure accuracy, the voting window should be increased as required (2-3 days for Federal Elections), be in-person (with rare and specified exceptions), and predicated on the presentation of a valid identification card.  Any utilization of electronic voting machines should be completely transparent and monitored to prevent and/or identify any nefarious cyber-intrusion.


Thank you allowing your constituents to understand you better.